Frequently asked Questions


Find your favorite wigs, hair pieces, accessories and related products at our convenient Arizona stores.

“Are these wigs human hair?”

We carry human hair and synthetics. The majority of our displayed wigs are synthetics. The good things about synthetic wig types are no maintenance requirements, more colors available and no styling needed (just shake and go). The one bad attribute of synthetics are heat sensitivity (no curling irons or excessive heat will damage the fiber). There are new heat resistant synthetic fiber wigs on the market today in which you can use a curling iron, etc. The advantages of human hair are that you can treat it just as you would your own hair; coloring, highlighting and using any type of styling appliances (heated or not).

“What do I wash my wigs with?”

We highly recommend wig shampoo and conditioner. We carry a diverse line-up off human and synthetic care products at both of our Phoenix store locations.

“How often should I wash them?”

Every three weeks is typically ideal, but this time frame would vary based on your personal use.

“How long do wigs last?”

It totally depends on your personal wear and care; typically 3 months (lower quality synthetics and similar) to two years or longer (higher quality human hair and construction).

“I have another question. Can you help?”

No problem! Feel free to stop by (or call) either of our convenient store locations in Arizona or use the real-time website contact form if you prefer. Regardless of your contact preference, we are always pleased to assist with any questions and happy to hear your comments.